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  • Leuprorelin Acetate Polypeptide

    Leuprorelin Acetate Polypeptide

    Leuprorelin Acetate Adapt with endometriosis, accompanied by menorrhagia, abdominal pain, waist pain and anemia, such as uterine fibroids, can make the fibroids narrowing and/or symptoms improved, breast cancer before menopause, and patients with estrogen receptor-positive,...Read More

  • Follistatin 344 FS 344 Peptide Hormones

    Follistatin 344 FS 344 Peptide Hormones

    Follistatin (FST) is a secreted glycoprotein originally identified as a follicle stimulating hormone inhibitor in ovarian follicular fluid (1, 2). The human follistatin cDNA encodes a 344 amino acid (aa) protein with a 29 aa signal sequence, an N-terminal atypical TGF binding...Read More

  • HGH 176-191 Hormones

    HGH 176-191 Hormones

    Hgh Frag 176-191 is a peptide fragment of the C-terminus of human Growth Hormone. Like growth hormone, hgH frag 176 - 191 stimulates lipolysis (decomposition or destruction of fat) and inhibits lipogenesis (non-fat food material is converted into body Lipid), whether in...Read More

  • Tesamorelin Egrifta Peptide Hormones

    Tesamorelin Egrifta Peptide Hormones

    Tesamorelin, also known as Egrifta, Tesamorelin is a synthetic growth hormone releasing factor that stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone in the brain; this indirect method seems to maintain a more stable natural level, such as the CJ c1295 DAC.Read More

  • Desmopressin DDAVP Peptide Hormones

    Desmopressin DDAVP Peptide Hormones

    Desmopressin binds to the V2 receptor in the renal collecting duct, causing von Willebrand Factor (VWF) and tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) to exocytose from the Vebel body, thereby increasing water uptake. The agent also increases the production of nitric oxide (NO) by...Read More

  • Alarelin Acetate Polypeptide Hormones

    Alarelin Acetate Polypeptide Hormones

    Alarelin is commonly used in research environments to better understand the effects of this peptide on the animal's body and to induce conditions that contribute to reproductive research. Alarelin samples are typically stable for about three weeks and need to be stored at...Read More

  • Dermorphin Acetate Polypeptide Hormone

    Dermorphin Acetate Polypeptide Hormone

    ​Dermorphin was found in humans or other mammals, and similar D-amino acid peptides were found only in bacteria, amphibians, and molluscs. Dermorphin appears to be made by abnormal post-translational modification by amino acid isomerase.Read More

  • BPC157 BPC-157 Peptide Hormones

    BPC157 BPC-157 Peptide Hormones

    BPC 157 is a pentadecapeptide, meaning that is comprised of a chain of 15 amino acids. It has been determined to be a partial sequence of body protection compound (BPC) that can be isolated from gastric juices located in animal test subjects.Read More

  • ACE 031 Peptide ACE-031 Hormones

    ACE 031 Peptide ACE-031 Hormones

    ACE-031 has the potential to inhibit myostatin and other natural proteins that limit muscle growth. It is speculated that ACE-031 will act as a decoy receptor for catabolic proteins, particularly myostatin, and bind them to keep them away from muscle fibers. A number of...Read More

  • Sermorelin Geref GRF 1 - 29

    Sermorelin Geref GRF 1 - 29

    Sermorelin is a human hormone releasing hormone (GHRH or GRF) that is used for the diagnostic evaluation of pituitary function and is also used to increase the growth of children. The best time to take Sermorelin is before going to bed. Hormones are mainly released during...Read More

  • Thymosin Beta 4 TB500 TB-500

    Thymosin Beta 4 TB500 TB-500

    Thymosin Beta 4 (TB500) TB-500 application: The main purpose of TB-500 (Thymosin β4) is to promote healing. It also promotes the production of new blood and muscle cells. The healing of TB-500 has been observed in tendons, ligaments, muscles, skin, heart and eyes. Thymosin...Read More

  • Oxytocin Acetate Atonin Peptide

    Oxytocin Acetate Atonin Peptide

    Oxytocin promotes fertility after uterus and uterus dilatation during childbirth, stimulates nipples, promotes breastfeeding, and releases a large amount. The word Oxytocin is derived from Greek and means “fast birth”. Oxytocin peptide is an inactive precursor protein...Read More

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